Missed out on the recent sell-out tour?  
"An Audience With Doreen" has now been booked to be part of "Birmingham Fest" -  the second city's newest independent theatre festival - this Summer.  
Doreen & friends will be at the Crescent Theatre on 22nd-23rd July. 
Information and online booking 
"David Tristam has given Doreen to the nation and I believe theatrically it is the best gift we have received in a very long time" 
"Doreen's debut stage outing in Dudley leaves theatre-goers in stitches" 
Coming Next 
Meanwhile, we're working hard (honest) to get Doreen onto terrestial TV, but it's a long, slow process, populated by lots of people in suits. 
In the meantime, here's a sneak preview of what we're trying to achieve. 
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